Pupil Premium

The service receives Pupil Premium Grant for those students who qualify to help improve their attainment. Generally this is spent to a) improve behaviour and engagement and b) improve levels of achievement through improved levels of support.


Pupil Premium – Income/Expenditure/Impacts: 2014-2015

In 2014/15 the service expects £64,743 of Pupil Premium Grant funding for 68 students entitled to it. This continues to fund additional Teaching Assistants, the rewards and incentive system (which has been changed) and extra resources for learning.

Y11 attainment in 2015 showed the percentage of students eligible for the PPG achieving Grade C+ or equivalent in English & maths was 8.6 percentage points above non-PPG students.  PPG students did 3 percentage points better than non-PPG students in making expected progress in maths and were 9 percentage points behind in English.  Other students are making expected progress and measures of behaviour show improvement (falling rates of Fixed Term Exclusion, rising rates of reward points and increasing levels of participation in reward events).

Pupil Premium – Income/Expenditure/Impacts: 2013-2014

In 2013/14, the service received £68,453 Pupil Premium Grant (70 students were entitled to it). This was spent on two extra Teaching Assistants used to support progress in Maths and English and to assist with behaviour improvement.

The remainder was used for additional resources including buying materials in support of Y11 revision and to fund the rewards incentives to aid motivation.

The table below show the impact to be positive – student entitled to PPG outperformed peers. Tracking data for KS3 showed students making good progress against personal targets.


Year 11 GCSE performanceAcademic Year 2013/14 Students eligible for PPG Non-PPG students Gap
% Achieving Grade C+ in English & Maths 28.6 11.5 +17.1
% making at least expected progress in Maths 85.7 73.9 +11.8
% making at least expected progress in English 85.7 73.0 +12.7



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