Curriculum Pathways

The curriculum aims to give students many chances to achieve. All students based at Millway and Heworth Hall will follow the national curriculum in English, mathematics and science as well as a range of other subjects in KS4 covering humanities, sport and the arts.  Students at InLearning will follow programmes in English, maths, ICT, Science, employability and vocational programmes in construction, health &social care, retail, child development, art & design or beauty – vocational programmes are arranged depending on the interests and aptitude of students placed there.    All students studying in one of the three centres will follow programmes of PSHE and personal development aimed at improving their welbeing, social skills and resilience. Practical activities and learning outside the classroom are used to interest students in their learning.  Students receiving home tuition will be supported in core subjects and wherever possible tutors will liaise with the home school to support other subjects.

Students in KS4 who have been Permanently Excluded will be placed on one of four pathways:

Millway – a largely academic programme leading to GCSE (or Level 1/2 vocational or applied alternatives.

Stonehills – a programme focused on improving basic skills in literacy and numeracy alongside developing personal confidence and resilience and work related learning.

Newcastle College – leading to at least five Level 2 or Level 1 qualifications appropriate to student ability alongside bronze Award Duke of Edinburgh.  Students who successfully complete this pathway have a guarantee of progression to a post 16 course at the college.

In Learning Alternative Provision – see above.


The way we grade our students in education changed nationally from 2016. In KS3 we are moving towards a system where assessment will be made without levels and at KS4 grades A*-G are being replaced with grades 1-9 where 9 is the highest level of attainment and 1 is the lowest.

In order to make sure our assessment methods for our students are robust and effective, we have designed our new “Stepping Up” assessment system across our core subjects of English, Maths and Science. Each subject has created Step Up Ladders for the various topics in their subjects.  The steps are linked to the different levels of skill students will need to acquire throughout each topic.  At the beginning of the topic, students will make a baseline self-assessment of what they feel they already know, and then complete a reflective assessment with teacher guidance at the end of the topic, showing how they have progressed.  For example a student may start the “Volume” topic in maths on Step 1, but by the end of that child’s teaching, they may be on a Step 5, showing four steps of progress. This enables us to see what skills the students have not achieved or are still struggling with, allowing us to quickly and effectively intervene. It also gives us a much more personalised and detailed subject picture for each individual student.

Overall progress will be reported to parents in the usual way, through reports and parents evenings. If you have any questions or concerns about this system, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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