Curriculum Pathways

The curriculum aims to give students many chances to achieve. All students based at our centres will follow the national curriculum in English, mathematics and science as well as a range of other subjects in KS4 covering humanities, sport and the arts.     All students studying in centres will follow programmes of PSHE and personal development aimed at improving their welbeing, social skills and resilience. Practical activities and learning outside the classroom are used to interest students in their learning.  Students receiving home tuition will be supported in core subjects and wherever possible tutors will liaise with the home school to support other subjects.  A small number of students may need a very tailored programme to meet their more complex needs and this will be discussed with parents.  Our aim is to maintain access to meaningful qualifications at least in core subjects for all KS4 students.

In KS3, a staffing model is used which reduces the number of teachers students have contact with so they can build strong relationships with a smaller staff team.  The programmes of work for humanities and creative arts subjects help develop key personal and social competencies – skills which students need to develop to return to and sustain a mainstream school base.  For example, this might be responding appropriately to adults in authority or developing more ways to manage strong emotions appropriately.



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